I want to direct attention today to a post on the Association of Health Care Journalists blog Covering Health, written by Liz Seegert. It’s an incredibly important reminder of why journalists should never take health claims at face value, even if they seem to come from a reputable source. Seegert received a press release in her […]

Well, that was a bit of an unplanned hiatus. With several house guests and the beginning of marathon training (!), blogging just didn’t happen last week. But I’m back! And I’ve got some thoughts on recent health news, as well as a little self-promotion. (Don’t worry, I hid that part at the end so you […]

Just a quick post today, to draw your attention to an interesting decision made recently by the BBC: no more televised “debates” with “crank” scientists (climate deniers, anti-evolutionists, etc.), and no more inserting “false balance” into stories. And they actually have a plan; they’re sending journalists to classes to help them un-learn outdated “impartiality” guidelines. […]

This week in “internet activism is not real activism” or “why is everyone so angry all the time?” the New York Times had an article in its Style section Thursday discussing the possible science behind “internet outrage” and what it says about the people who express it. You can probably already tell where my views […]

So I already missed a day of blogging in July (when I am supposed to be blogging every day) but I’m giving myself a pass for a holiday :) Since it has been incredibly hot and humid in NYC over the past week (though our Arthur-related storms the past couple of days cooled us down […]

I’ve spent the last few days absorbing the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this week to allow craft store chain Hobby Lobby an exemption from covering certain types of birth control based on religious objections. It’s been an interesting task to reconcile my thoughts about this both as a woman and as a reporter who often writes about […]

[A note: I'm participating in a challenge to blog every day in July. With a full time job and various freelance projects (not to mention starting marathon training!) it's been a bit hard to give this space the attention I'd like. I'm hoping this new challenge will help me get in more of a routine!] […]


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