When I started this blog, I made the explicit decision that it would not be a feminism blog, though that is something I am passionate about and I do like to talk about a lot. Instead, I wanted it to be a blog about media critique, particularly with regard to science and health media, and […]

The recent announcement from a group of four male college students that they had created a nail polish that can detect date rape drugs has caused a lot of controversy this week. After a lot of reading and discussing with other women, I can understand both sides of this. I can understand wanting this in your […]

As often happens with tragedies like the death of Mike Brown, as the shock has worn off a little for those not in the immediate vicinity of Ferguson, a single striking event has turned thoughts to broader, related issues. In this case, the biggest issue is being most widely discussed is clearly racism, but that’s too […]

I grew up in a very small town in North Carolina sandwiched between two slightly larger towns. Jamestown is really a “village” and has only slightly more than 3,500 people who officially call it home. It’s essentially an annex of neighboring High Point, which has a population of nearly 108,000 and an “average” crime rate, […]

When I was in journalism school, I read and heard from a lot of  journalists with a hunger to chase the biggest, most important, and most dangerous stories around the world. They chose the reporter path to get them overseas and into war zones, natural disasters and extreme events with their camera and notebook as quickly […]

I had a piece on Columbia Journalism Review‘s website last week about a new algorithm that might be useful for news organizations trying to keep some semblance of civility in their online comment sections. It was interesting timing. I finished the piece a couple of weeks ago and wasn’t sure exactly when it would run, and […]

I had something else I was going to write about today, but I can’t get my mind off what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri, and I think that’s good, and I think your mind should be on it, too. But instead of waxing on about my thoughts on the whole situation, I’m going to post […]


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