I have been thinking a lot about Denmark, recently. For one thing, Pinterest learned that I’m interested in Scandinavia and started really pushing Copenhagen on me. So I started researching the city a bit more, and learning about things like hygge, and the place is really growing on me. Not only is it gorgeous and […]

Last week, the New York Times published a piece about friendship — or lack thereof — that quickly went viral. Do Your Friends Really Like You?, the headline asked, and I (and thousands of others) wanted to know the answer. The piece explores the psychology of friendship and refers to a recent study by MIT researchers that […]

I have been doing a lot of research on empathy, and I’m starting to see its potential application almost everywhere I look. I read an article about the future of Virtual Reality entertainment, and it left me wondering how VR might affect – or maybe in some ways encourage – empathy. I read about how […]

Yesterday I had the pleasure of a two hour trek on Metro North Railroad, so I decided to catch up on podcasts. I listened to the wonderful Another Round with Tracy & Heben (which I highly, highly recommend!) and then I caught up on Note to Self, the WNYC podcast about life in the digital […]

I love the First Amendment. I really do. It’s why I have my job. It’s why you get to watch bro movies and cooking shows on Netflix. It’s a big part of the reason that this country even exists. Obviously, with the good comes the bad. The First Amendment – the inability for the U.S. […]

It’s a story that’s made for a lot of great headlines: almonds and avocados are “unhealthy,” so much so that companies like Kind, which makes fruit and nut bars, have been warned by the Food and Drug Administration not to pretend otherwise. How could it be that fruit and nuts – a few of the […]

I survived! I’m now a married lady. What’s different? I’m a little sunburned from the honeymoon. I’m wearing two rings now instead of one. And our living room is full of boxes of registry gifts (for which we are very thankful!) and Ikea furniture we bought to hold said gifts. Also, last night I found […]